Sewing Machine FAQ

Why use cutting cloth paving machine?

Garment production is a very promising industry, but the competition has been gradually moving day, how out of the market, and the first in front of the competitors, quality, costs and benefits of cost control system; these factors have become extremely important, in the aspect of work cut out, the use of automatic spreading machine will generally ensure quality, reduce the cost, improve the efficiency advantage.

Efficiency: cloth automatic cutting machine will not tired not emotional, can long time high-speed operation, the production efficiency is high and the quality is very stable.

Cost cutting: people need more task operation, the high cost of wages, automatic cloth cutting machine needs only one person, a person can complete the cutting auxiliary work, the remaining staff to cope with the other process, save the cost but also can increase the efficiency of.

Quality: sewing before cutting results directly affect the cost of clothing quality in cutting, found adverse effects are beyond remedy, and has emerged at the cost of quality, this problem is quite common in the hand cut, the use of automatic cloth cutting machine is the best that can solve this problem, another advantage of using automatic cloth cutting machine, can greatly improve the production of long image, when a customer to visit the production mode and the single equipment, automatic cutting machine this high-tech automation equipment, with the best quality, cost and efficiency of persuasion. To enhance the competitiveness of equipment used to fall behind others.

Now enter the era of science and technology, the computer technology applied in cutting technology has played most incisive, when breaking the limit of old mechanical control, automatic cloth cutting machine is a new generation of 50mm-70mm after adsorption, can cut (cutting speed according to the thickness of different materials have different). The cutting function also can achieve It's perfection itself. realm, as long as the careful reference material automatic cutting machine, how many really controlled by computer, it is easy to distinguish the edge cutting machine.

What precautions should be taken for the assembly of sewing machine?

Sewing machine assembly or repair after the assembly for the first time, a huge impact on the performance of the equipment. The poor quality of the sewing machine assembly, low accuracy, poor performance, noise, torque, short life; on the contrary, the precision is not very high in some parts of the assembly, after careful and precise adjustment, is still able to assemble the better performance of the equipment.

Sewing machine assembly process, some of the easily overlooked, often cause significant impact on the quality of assembly, which need to be paid attention to.

One, according to operating procedures

Where a sewing machine parts surface paint, electroplating and other surface treatment, assembly joints (including the hole, slot and hole, plane etc.) are sticky, so in the assembly of the parts, must be according to the technological requirements, the finish machining, and then to enter the assembly of the state.

If the assembly does not meet the technical requirements, the sewing machine can not work normally. The relative position between the components, mechanism is not correct, also affect the performance of sewing machine.

Two, to protect the parts cleaning

Through careful cleaning and cleaning, ensure clean sewing machine parts, is the basis of ensuring the assembly quality and prolong the service life of the sewing machine. Especially for the shaft, bearing, oil pump, and contains the rotation and swing fitting parts, should be carefully cleaned.

If the assembly of various shaft parts is not clean, it will cause overheating and excessive shaft transmission torque, serious when will accelerate the wear debris, "serious fault occlusion" etc.

How to solve by sewing machine wire jumper?

Can also be called a jumper jumper. The sewing sewing stitch on the surface line and the bottom line, there is the phenomenon of. The main reason is because the needle and hook tip clearance height, distance, do not meet the requirements due to tolerances; in addition, due to the loose parts, wear, or position is not accurate positioning can also cause. Jumping phenomenon can be divided into: accidental jumper, intermittent and continuous jumper jumper.

Accidental jumper

1. in the sewing of uneven thickness of the material, the use of the machine needle thin thick seam material, in part, the needle is easy to shift, and replace the corresponding jumper fault; needle sewing sewing thick, uneven thickness, may be appropriate to slow down the sewing speed.

2. the machine needle and hook into the wall of skew orthogonal rotating hook line, resulting in ineffective; adjust the orthogonal position the needle and hook, hook line needle in the hook point is located in the upper edge of the pinhole 1.55MM, away from the needle groove 0.05MM.

3. the quality is not good, the suture twist uneven, resulting in the formation of the stability of the coil is not enough; to solve through the reasonable selection of suture, twist to the right, the left twisting noodles.

4. due to sewing thin material, mistook the fine suture with needle thick sewing thread take-up spring elastic large; by replacing the needle, the thread take-up spring elasticity decreased.

5. the machine needle hair, not sharp or bending; replace the needle.

6. the hook tip for some reason, the tip becomes convex; through reasonable grinding and polishing of the hook tip.

7. the machine used for a long time, the volume wear large needle plate pinhole, the tolerance range over the original design; the replacement of the needle plate qualified.

8. the presser foot is too weak; should increase the foot pressure.

How to clean up the needle machine?

Usually after a period of time, the occurrence of some common "fault" needle detector machine will, so we used in the normal and regular cleaning of conveyor belt and other parts easy to be contaminated site.

The cleaning method and the matters needing attention are as follows:

1 cleaning: find a clean towel wet with water, wring wring out until not until.

2 conveyor belt surface cleaning: clean before, we should first needle detector sensitivity adjustment to the lowest level. Such as needle machine level 1 to level 10, please put the needle machine is adjusted to the lowest level 1 mode, clean to avoid high sensitivity affects the next.

Then, we will straighten and appropriate towel tightly pressed on the surface of the conveyer belt, and switch on the machine, the machine operates more than five laps (whose purpose is to clean the surface of the conveyer belt of pollutants, the methods can be flexibly used), and then clean towels twist dry, repeat steps to wipe clean the conveyor belt conveyor belt, until surface without obvious contaminants so far.

3 conveyor belt on the back: we can clean the metal shell conveying needle detector with a head of the left and right sides of the removed, then wash and wring dry towel, and towel through the conveyor belt at the bottom, to straighten out the towel towel, take two, start the machine to make the machine working weeks. The conveyor belt is arranged at the bottom of the dirty place, needs to be repeated many times to wipe, so every time a few weeks after the operation, will wash towels out, and then repeat the steps above clean again.

If the above steps after cleaning, we still find the needle machine boot and probe lights stop flashing, and the clothes can not pass, should repeat the cleaning steps.

At the same time, it is worth noting that, we test the needle detector machine for cleaning, need to pay special attention to avoid the interference of environmental factors, such as: people walking around, the machine is too close and other factors need to be taken into account.

Electric sewing machine needle to repair broken down?

1.electric sewing machine bobbin winding is too full, too loose, too messy, so that the bottom line in the sewing process line is not smooth, easily broken; can be fixed bobbin winder, the winding bobbin of uniform, compact, neat.

2.electric sewing machine bobbin is too large or the shuttle core concentricity is good, operation is not flexible; with the appropriate improvement and the Suoke bobbin.

3.electric sewing machine cloth feeding teeth position is too low, cloth feeding teeth at the mouth and the bottom line at the bottom of the fast line distance is too small, so that the bottom line and the bottom teeth fast mouth contact friction; adjust the feed dog height, fast opening or remove the cloth feeding teeth with fine rubber teeth at the bottom of the light.

4.electric sewing machine shuttle skin bottom line port due to wear and tear caused by fast mouth; the replacement of the new shuttle skin.

5.the electric sewing machine rotating shuttle skin hair clean off the bottom line; edge, edge grinding of rotary shuttle skin is light.

6.electric sewing machine shuttle skin and Suoke shell with good, with a gap, line tension composition; clearance adjusting Suoke shuttle skin and shell, the bottom line of wire tension change.